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R8 Spyder V10 quattro

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More unmistakeable. With Audi exclusive.

Make your Audi R8 Spyder V10 quattro unique – as unmistakeable as you are – with Audi exclusive. With selected trim, coloured leather and customised paint finishes in a wide range of colours. Whatever your heart desires.

Customised paint finish Audi exclusive

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Seize this one and choose your own personal exterior paint finish from the wide range of Audi exclusive colours. Here’s a small selection.

Audi R8 Spyder V10 quattro with customised paint finish Audi exclusive in Amalfi white with personalised sideblades Audi exclusive in Nardo gray

Please note, that your requested exterior colour might not be available for your desired vehicle. For inquiry of your desired paint finish for your desired vehicle please contact your Audi partner.

Exterior equipment

Special accents like colour varnished sideblades and customised door sill trims emphazise the premium exterior and the dynamic sideline of the vehicle. Styles may vary and depend on the chosen equipment.

Leather Audi exclusive

Leather is a unique product of nature. Its very touch and feel triggers a relaxing sensation – and also raises the prospect of a trip to remember. Laying eyes on it is always a pleasure: its soft texture seems to gleam in the light. As a seat in your Audi, a piece of leather becomes synonymous with exclusive comfort.

Leather upholstery fine Nappa leather with rhombus stitching Audi exclusive in jet gray/black with contrasting stitching in Alaska blue

Interior equipment

Inlays Audi exclusive

Inlays provide your interior with a unique atmospere – you can feel the exclusivity and premium-quality. With inlays in piano varnish black and carbon twill your Audi R8 Spyder V10 quattro will become even more unique.

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    Audi exclusive Studio

    The Audi Exclusive Studio is a stage for presenting creative ideas and personalised requests. The focus is on the interplay of extraordinary colours and combinations of materials, from the sporty to the elegant.

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Audi exclusive is an option from Audi Sport GmbH. Please contact your Audi partner for detailed information about standard and optional equipment.